2018 Summit

The Case for Regional Collaboration for the Future of the Hill Country:

Texans want a Hill Country with a strong economy, a healthy environment, and resilience to extreme weather events like prolonged drought and catastrophic flooding.

Population growth stresses the natural resources that are key to the Hill Country economy, beauty, cultural heritage, and quality of life. Infrastructure and planning decisions made today—including road projects and water pipelines—influence how and where tomorrow’s growth occurs in the Hill Country.

Decisions made at the local, county, regional, and state-wide level have cascading impacts on the long-term future of our region. Hill Country decision makers increasingly recognize the need for a regional vision that extends beyond traditional boundaries, protects shared values of economic growth and environmental resilience, and ensures a bright future for our region.

Lunch included, networking reception to follow.

Former Commissioner Will Conley, Hays County and Chair, CAMPO

08:30 – 09:00 Coffee and Registration
09:00 – 09:15 Welcome Remarks
Jim Walker, Director, Office of Sustainability, UT Austin
in memoriam: Kent Butler (via YouTube), Groundwater and Public Policy
09:15 – 10:15 People: The Hill Country is growing at an incredible rate, with our population expected to double in the next 35 years. How do we address the challenges of the population growth we are expecting, while simultaneously looking for opportunities presented by these new residents and development in our region?

Chris Schreck, Director of Planning and Economic Development, CAPCOG
Brewster McCracken, Energy and Water Analyst
Fred Arce, Vice President HDR Engineering, and Water Committee Chair, Greater San Antonio Chamber of commerce
Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales, San Antonio City Council
Judge Sarah Eckhardt, Travis County

10:15 – 10:45 Morning Keynote: One Water in Texas:  Growth as a Water Supply
Sharlene Leurig, Chair, Austin Water Forward Task Force and Project Director, Meadows Center for Water and the Environment
10:45 – 11:00 MORNING BREAK
11:00 – 12:00 PAVEMENT: As we build in the Hill Country, increases in impervious cover will have profound impacts on our water quality, flooding risk, and water quantity. How can we utilize innovative new ways of thinking about the role of the built environment in stewarding water resources?

Hank Smith, Principal / Owner at Texas Engineering Solutions
Karen Bishop, Senior Supervisor, San Antonio River Authority
Ana Aguirre, Chair, Southeast Combined Neighborhood Plan Contact Team, City of Austin
Nancy Pappas, Managing Director, New Braunfels Utility
Chris Herrington, Supervising Engineer, City of Austin Watershed Protection Department

12:00 – 01:00 LUNCH BREAK
01:00 – 01:30 AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: Innovative water solutions and how to make them reality
George Hawkins, Founder, Moonshot LLC and Former CEO and General Manager, DC Water
01:30 – 02:30 PIPES: As drought, increased demand, and development pressures strain existing resources, communities are increasingly looking to new sources of water to meet future needs. What are the true costs of moving water in Central Texas, and are their untapped opportunities within the existing built environment?

Graham Moore, Executive Director, Alliance Regional Water Authority (Formerly Hays Caldwell Public Utility Agency)
Robert Mace, Chief Water Policy Officer, Meadows Center for Water and the Environment
Lauren Ross, President Glenrose Engineering
Jim Walker, Director of Sustainability, UT Austin

02:30 – 02:45 AFTERNOON BREAK
02:45 – 03:45 The Future of Collaboration in the Hill Country. Conversations are often had about the need for greater regional collaboration and coordination to manage water resources that cuts across political boundary lines. How do local elected officials see this conversation shifting into transformative action moving forward from today’s event?

Mayor Steve Adler, City of Austin
Mayor Todd Purcell, City of Dripping Springs
Representative Donna Howard, Texas House of Representatives District 48
Commissioner Kevin Wolff, Bexar County and Chair, AAMPO
Commissioner Brigid Shea, (invited), Travis County
Former Commissioner Will Conley, Hays County and Chair, CAMPO

3:45 – 4:00 Audience conversation and closing remarks
4:00 – 6:00 Networking Reception

Kent Butler Summit Partners