2014 Presentations


Click here for the audio file of the 2014 Summit (mp3)

Moderator:  Jim Walker, Director of Sustainability, University of Texas at Austin

Keynote:  Bob Patterson, PhD, Coordinator for Community and Regional Planning, University of Texas at Austin (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION)

Presentation:  TOILETS:  Wastewater Management in the Barton Springs Zone

Panel Discussion: What does regional collaboration for sustainable wastewater management in the Barton Springs Zone look like? (Texas State Representative Paul Workman; Grant Jackson, PE, 2005 Regional Water Quality Plan facilitator; Austin Councilmember Laura Morrison)

Presentation:  AUTOMOBILES:  State Highway 45 Southwest

Panel Discussion:  Minimization, mitigation and mobility (Pam Baggett-Wallis, Shady Hollow HOA Board Member; Brigid Shea, candidate for Travis County Commissioner; Chuck Lesniak, Environmental Officer, City of Austin; John Dupnik, PG, General Manager, Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District)

Presentation:  FAUCETS:  Reuse and water supply in the Barton Springs Zone

Keynote: Carlos Rubinstein, Chairman, Texas Water Development Board

Panel Discussion:  How do we conserve and enhance water supply in the Barton Springs Zone? (Sharlene Leurig, Sustainable Water Infrastructure Program, Ceres; Pix Howell, Water infrastructure consultant; Lauren Ross, PhD, PE, Glenrose Engineering; Tom Hegemier, PE, Senior Project Manager, RPS Engineering)