“The Kent Butler 2020 Summit is designed to empower key decision makers and key staff for cities and counties within the Hill Country aquifer systems to be champions that commit to take meaningful actions to advance land conservation.  Working together, we can identify potential policies and programs that prioritize the conservation of land to protect our local water and manage growth sustainably.

The Kent Butler Summit, co-hosted by the Hill Country Alliance, the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District, and the City of Austin, is typically held as a large meeting of our region’s leaders, planners, and natural resource stewards to discuss the water-related challenges our region faces and strategies to meet those challenges.  For the 2020 Summit, year, we will hold smaller county-level meetings, virtually, focused specifically on one aspect of effective water resource management: land conservation.”  

Join the conversation about effective regional planning that is good for both people and the environment, and help plan for a Hill Country that continues to make Texas proud.


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